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Art | Design

I am currently on hiatus from active studio work. Please contact me to inquire about any of the artwork shown here.
Ceramic Sculpture

My process for building sculptures involves slip-casting (liquid clay poured into plaster molds) to create clay versions of found objects. After that, I use various glazing and firing techniques to fuse the cast components and finish each sculpture.

Each cast object is meant to represent an idea, feeling, time, or place, and together they begin a narrative.

Everyday Ceramics

I've been making pots for about 20 years. Please visit my Etsy page to view more.



Product Design

In designing a product, I think about whether I'd use the object in my own home, for what occasion, and where it would live in my home. My favorite things are those that function flawlessly and have visual appeal both in and out of use.


I believe that when an object is well-designed, it’s enjoyable to have and to hold, and that enjoyment leads to care, an antidote to planned obsolescence. 

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