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Leadership | Administration

I welcome the challenge of providing equitable, sustainable solutions that improve people's daily lives through strategic management, exceptional leadership, and ethical decision-making. I've acquired solid business acumen through my work as a self-employed artist, executive director of a non-profit organization, and project manager in the communications division of a Research I university. 
Project Management

Need something done on time and within budget? You need project management. Here's a summary of my approach:

  • Facilitate a discovery process that brings stakeholders into alignment on what success looks like and how the project contributes to larger strategic goals.

  • Plan the project, documenting scope, deliverables, budget, resources, and timeline. 

  • Allocate resources efficiently and respond flexibly to changes that will inevitably arise.

  • Pay attention to team members' motivation and anticipate conflicts; provide timely, concise updates.

  • Dedicate time for reviewing and reporting; ensure future processes are optimized and decisions are data-driven. 

Please contact me to discuss your project and how I can help you accomplish it. 

Mar | Comm
Marketing | Communications

With whom do you communicate? How do you communicate with them? What data are you collecting? How do you use that data to drive communications that deliver results? These are the questions that a solid constituent relationship management (CRM) strategy can answer. Whether you operate at enterprise-scale or run a small business, following best practices and keeping up with current trends in email marketing and digital communications will enable you to serve your community well. 

Please contact me if you are interested in building or improving your communications strategy.


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