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I highly value humanitarian-driven work and public service. I champion diversity, inclusion, social justice, and equality: all are essential to that work. 


I'm currently working as a Project Manager in marketing and communications at University of Massachusetts Amherst. From 2014 to 2019, I served as Executive Director of The Studio Potter, an independent non-profit organization, and Editor of its highly respected and long-running ceramics journal, Studio Potter. I hold a Master's degree in Fine Art, and my studio practice is rooted in the ceramic arts. 

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Project Manager, University Marcom Group
University of Massachusetts Amherst

​2019 – present


In my position in the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) division of University Marcom Group, I co-manage a long-term, campus-wide communications centralization project involving the implementation of Salesforce and Marketing Cloud platforms. I facilitate best practices in recruitment communications for units, schools, and colleges of UMass Amherst, with special emphasis on online-education marketing efforts.  

Executive Director, The Studio Potter
Editor, Studio Potter Journal

​2014 – 2019


During my time at The Studio Potter, I wore many hats: writer, editor, project manager, communicator, fundraiser, and executive. Publishing responsibilities included formulating and adhering to budgets, hiring contractors, coordinating schedules, and more, toward the production of 10 issues of the 80-page print journal. I oversaw the development and implementation of the organization's new website, which required a major archive digitization project and later the launch of a digital publishing platform. I also cultivated donor relationships that resulted in establishing programs, such as the annual Grants for Apprenticeship program, which provided tens of thousands of dollars to early-career ceramic artists.

Freelance Artist – Pottery & Ceramic Sculpture

​2004 – 2017

Early on, I worked as an independent potter, refining my craft through internships and apprenticeships. Later, I focused on ceramic sculpture as my main means of expression and material exploration, completing several residencies, domestic and international, and maintaining an active exhibition schedule. I gravitated back to pottery production during my tenure at The Studio Potter. I am currently on hiatus from active studio work, but maintain an Etsy shop and website featuring past work. 

Adjunct Professor – Art, Ceramics
State University of New York, New Paltz, New York



I was the instructor of record for several 300- to 500-level ceramics courses, including wheel throwing, production design, and material studies. 

Software Skills


+Marketing Cloud



+MailChimp, Hubspot, etc.

Enterprise Operations







+Acrobat Pro/DC

Microsoft 365

Google suite applications


Artwork Links
Master of Fine Arts
State University of New York (SUNY) New Paltz



"The [graduate ceramics] program cultivates the conceptual, technical, and professional growth of its graduate students by providing an environment balanced among pragmatic skill development, critical and theoretical dialogue, and intensive studio research geared toward a process of making and thinking, resulting in innovative and dynamic outcomes."



Bachelor of Fine Arts
Southeast Missouri State University



"The ceramics area is committed to enabling students to produce a highly individualized body of work, whether it is through the creation of a functional vessel, a ceramic sculpture, or an interdisciplinary approach to the material."

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