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Writing | Editing

“Once you’ve got to the end, and you know what happens, it’s your job to make it look like you knew exactly what you were doing all along."
                         ― Neil Gaiman

Above: Covers of Studio Potter journal, 2015–2018; a selection of issues that I edited and produced during my tenure at SP. Click to learn more. 

Content | Copy 

My primary area of expertise is content editing. This is a collaborative process, aimed at producing the most effective version of what you have to say for your audience. Critical to this process is retaining and enhancing your style, tone, and voice. Depending on context, content editing may well extend to visuals. Alignment, spacing, ratios, color palette, texture, and typography communicate important information to your reader. I keep my Chicago Manual of Style handy, as content and copy editing often go hand in hand.

Please contact me when you need an editor. 

Writing | Copywriting

I write short essays and articles about people, events, and art. See some examples in Studio Potter journal

I have done copywriting work for a wide variety of clients, including a Taiwanese game app developer and a Research 1 university. I welcome projects with well-defined audiences and deadlines.


Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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